Inspired by

“Understand your talents, collaborate with others, and use them to make a mark in whatever way you can. Everybody is unique and talented in their own way, and it’s up to each individual to figure out how to use them.”

Bitcoin Optimist


Cryptodignity was conceived

To honor and entertain the ever-growing crypto currency community. In the frenzy that is the increasing crypto economy I want to value the people. They, who spending so much time and devotion to crypto because the believe and know, that it will change the world for the better, for everyone.


In the current state of humanity

There is so much hate, lies, speculation, attack, censorship, and it is not easy, to develop a new economy.  These people are the warriors, creating a new world.   Throughout history great warriors and champions of new paradigms have been honored through the arts. This is my contribution.



Like be praised, having music composed especially for you will increase the positive vibration towards you and what you do.

And also

At the same time showing to the world that what’s being achieved is done by real people coming together with a united vision.