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I love Money Button, I love Bitcoin Cash. Why? Did it made you fitly rich, you may ask.

No, it did not. Yet. But the doors are wide open. Full of possibilities. All my actions are based on Bitcoin Cash.  My focus, my mission. Betterment of life situations. Mine own, and others. Did you know, that Money Button on this site sends automatically 20% of each tip I receive to EatBCH South Sudan? Full of possibilities!

I so much wanted be part of it.

Last year, when I started to learn about Bitcoin Cash, I so much wanted be part of it.  I began to notice people, their efforts and what they are adding to the ecosystem. I was not confident enough to speak out, even though, for the general public, I would have things to say. So I created this website, to honor the visionaries with tune derived from their name. To combine my passion for music and crypto.


Today I want to show you the Money Button pioneers.

People, who were interested in Money Button, and joined the Telegram Money Button chat. Here are tunes for 75 people, the first Money Button pioneers. I do not think, that all of them seen their tune. I also do not want to push it out, too much.


I want to share with you a feedback, I got

Of course, I love Money Button, also because it allowed me to have kind of passive income. It is not much, but it is something, everyday, from some place on the planet, a payment arrives into one of my wallets, or Money Button wallet.

Guess what! It is awesome. But guess also what!

Money would never buy you kind words. And I am getting this as well. Nothing triumphs feedback like this:


They say the best gifts are unexpected and this one from Misha was certainly that. A soulful tune to play and replay. Music is a universal way of communicating and hopefully so is Bitcoin Cash. Thanks for bringing the two together Misha and for writing my tune. It made my day. Duncan


Bellow is link to YouTube, to Money Button pioneers playlist.

Meet them 🙂




Thank you for visiting Cryptodignity!


And if you want to create your Money Button, head to MoneyButton site and do so! I made post on, how you can make it in 5 easy steps. With images and screen video. Check it out here.



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