SatoshiDoodles I had on my list also longer ago. This is her Yours account, in case you do not know, what she does. After taking the 100day challenge, with my two girls joining in as well, I started to like her even more. For the kind words and honest interaction with the little people. (not…Continue Reading “Satoshi Doodles”

Robert Melluish aka @toomuch72 I knew from Twitter. Then on, I seen how he is doing his best to support members of Yours with voting and tipping, and creating valuable content. I worked out his tune, but somehow it did not felt enough just to play, so for the first time in my life…Continue Reading “Robert Melluish @toomuch72”

Clemens tune I made freshly for YoursDignity. My guitar is full with stickers which friend brought me from Tokyo. The guitar is not so, as you can notice on her sound, so the sticker does not do any damage to the sound. One day, when I have a decent guitar, there might to be only…Continue Reading “@Clemens Ley”

Bitcoin Optimist is one of my favorites authors on I even ask him permission to read his article Bitcoin (Cash): Investment Thesis aloud. I got it! And I did it! Also this: INSPIRED BY “Understand your talents, collaborate with others, and use them to make a mark in whatever way you can. Everybody is unique…Continue Reading “@Bitcoin Optimist”

I already knew Isaac will have his tune, and the post of him: Don”t try to be better, be different, was like made for me. It kicked my bum to record and publish the tune. Thank you Issac for being here and sharing your thoughts. For Isaac Morehouse, the founder of Praxis