I love Yours.org


When I read the about section last September, it felt like somebody cares about me and other creators, writers, artists, musicians. But not only about us, creators, but also about those who can discover and up-vote us, those who get involved in commenting. It does not stop there, now there is the Money Button, which I instantly implemented to this website, as a way for you, guys, who like it, or think it is interesting way to bring smile to people’s face. You can now,  easy and elegantly, with little move of your finger, show support by tipping me any little or big amount of BCH  and help me going.  And help adoption as well.  Win – win.


Do you want to read it too?


Here you go:   taste it 🙂


And while you are there, why not to register too. Even If you do not write or create, vote or comment. You can cash in yours Yours wallet and allow yourself to use THE MONEY BUTTON on other websites. (and why not to start on mine???) Thank You.